Thumb_watchmaker Mike Watchmaker , Pimlico Race Course , 2015-05-15 , Race 10 - DRF Live Posted : May 11, 2015, 10:04 AM

Do your own replay work, and here's why:

Thanks to the beauty of 120 hour entries, I was looking over Friday's Pimlico card this morning, and came across the following last race comment in the past performances for STOPCHARGINGMARIA (2) in the Allaire Dupont Distaff: "7 path turn, not enough" Stopchargingmaria made her last start in the Madison Stakes at Keeneland, which also happened to be her first start of the year. She ran terrific finishing second, beaten just a half length by Princess Violet, especially when you consider that Stopchargingmaria went around horses and Princess Violet saved more ground. But the assertion that Stopchargingmaria was seven wide on the turn is ridiculous. A head on view of the Madison replay is available on Keeneland's website, and for most of the run around the far turn, Stopchargingmaria was three paths off the rail. Late on the far turn, nearing the stretch, Stopchargingmaria angled four wide, and entering the stretch, she was floated five to six wide. All of that is light years different than a horse actually racing in the seven path around a turn, which would mean ground loss to the extreme. This comment, "7 path turn," doled out in a Grade 1 race, no less, just isn't true. In addition, the chart footnote for the Madison has Princess Violet "shifting out into the four path entering the lane," which is misleading. Princess Violet moved off the rail into the stretch to go around ONE HORSE, and at most was in the three path to go around that one opponent. Later in the stretch, as she was battling with Stopchargingmaria, Princess Violet drifted out two to three paths. But no mention of that was made in the footnote. I relate this to stress how important it is to do your own replay work if you're at all serious about wagering.