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Santa Anita: Lasix administration mishap leads to scratch in 6th

Princess Dorian (6) has been withdrawn from Thursday's sixth race for $25,000 claimers after the filly was given Lasix on Thursday morning in two small dosages by a third-party veterinarian.

Racing Board rules state that Lasix must be administered in a "single intravenous injection."

In December, California Horse Racing Board implemented rules for Lasix to be administered by veterinarians not working directly with a stable.

According to trainer Reed Saldana, Princess Dorian was intended to have an administration of 8cc's of Lasix. Saldana said he informed the veterinarian of the amount in a text message.

Princess Dorian was given an initial dosage of 5cc's by a veterinarian. When the wrong dosage was revealed, the filly was given another dosage of 3 cc's.

At that point, the filly had to be scratched after the veterinarian filed two documents with the state veterinarian stating that Lasix was given in two dosages, stewards said.

This is the second scratch related to the third-party Lasix administration program in as many racing days. Last Sunday, a horse was scratched after it was administered Lasix and was not intended to receive the medication.