Thumb_privman Jay Privman , Del Mar , 11/09/2018 - DRF Live Posted : Nov 9, 2018, 8:00 PM

Carryovers in pick six following upsets on opening day at Del Mar

There will be a carryover of $32,266 in the general pool and another $6,914 in the single-ticket jackpot pool of the pick six heading into Saturday's card at Del Mar after longshots claimed the final two races of Friday's opening-day card.

All tickets, in fact, were out following race 7, leg 5, the Kathryn Crosby, in which 18-1 Escape Clause was placed first via disqualification.

The pick six at Del Mar is as it was during the summer here -- a $2 minimum, with a single-ticket aspect gleaned from 15 percent of the pool, a carryover if no one has six (representing 70 percent of the pool), and a consolation payoff from the remaining 15 percent. The pool on Friday was $60,395, and there were 3 tickets with 5 of 6.