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BREAKING NEWS: Country House out of Preakness, per Mott, who said he's coughing, "acting like he's going to get sick"

Kentucky Derby winner Country House will not run in the Preakness Stakes, trainer Bill Mott said Tuesday, after Country House started to show signs of becoming ill at Churchill Downs, where he has remained following his Derby victory on Saturday.

"He developed a little bit of a cough this morning," Mott said by telephone. "He appetite is good. He doesn't have a fever. But he's coughing. We drew blood. He's acting like he's going to get sick. He's off the training list, and if he's off the training list he's off the Preakness list.

"It's probably a little viral thing," Mott said. "Hopefully it doesn't develop into anything serious. Usually when something like this happens a hors misses a couple weeks of training. He's not seriously sick right now. But he's showing indications that something is going on."

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