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Three commissioners, including chairman Jeff Brincat, resign from Illinois Racing Board

Three commissioners at the Illinois Racing Board, including chairman Jeff Brincat, resigned on Thursday.

The departures were confirmed by IRB staff and the IRB website no longer listed the members.

Gone from the Board is chairman Jeff Brincat, who was appointed in 2015 by former Illinois governor Bruce Rauner. Brincat from all appearances was a strong backer of Arlington International Racecourse, which is owned by Churchill Downs Inc., and frequently clashed with horsemen’s groups, and his departure could considerably alter the balance of power within the Illinois racing industry.

Arlington and the Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association have no contract for the 2020 race meet that begins in early May and are set to begin Board-mandated and -led mediation regarding the impasse on March 20.

Also departing the Board are commissioners Greg Sronce, who was appointed in 2012, and Edgar Ramirez, a member since 2017.

The Board is supposed to seat 11 members and already had three vacancies before this week’s resignation, leaving the body with only five current commissioners.

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