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Monmouth: Haskell Day attendance was 37,186; Total handle was $13,395,279


The reported attendance at Monmouth Park on Haskell Day was 37,186. That is the highest Haskell attendance since 2011, excluding the record of 60,983 in 2015 when American Pahroah won.

All-sources handle was $13,395,279, the highest since 2015.

Ontrack handle was $1,995,660, down 10 percent freom $2,203,848 a year ago. There was sports betting at Monmouth on Sunday, though.

Here are some race/sports betting figures Sunday:

Margin of victory in the Haskell handled 4,396. Earlier in the day 1 3/4 lengths to 3 lengths was paying 8-5. God Magic won by 3 lengths.

Grand slam pick four handle was $4,233. By my calculations, it will pay $34.35 for $1. Since the minimum bet was $2, double it. The winners were Berned ($10.20), Imprimis ($4.60), Good Magic ($3), and either the Cubs or Cardinals, who were both -105.

The head to head matchups handled $15,012, which shows what the public liked best.