Thumb_dunleavytwitter Jim Dunleavy , Monmouth Park , 07/29/2018 , Race 1 - General Posted : Jul 29, 2018, 8:12 PM

Monmouth: Some racing/sports figures


Here are some race/sports betting figures Sunday at Monmouth Park

Margin of victory in the Haskell handled $4,396. Earlier in the day, 1 3/4 lengths to 3 lengths was paying 8-5. God Magic won by 3 lengths.

Grand slam pick four handle was $4,233. By my calculations, it will pay  $34.35 for $1. Since the minimum bet was $2, double it. The winners were Bernes, The winners were Berned ($10.20), Imprimis ($4.60), Good Magic ($3), and either the Cubs or Cardinals, who were both -105.

The head to head matchups handled $15,012, which shows what the public liked best.


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